T-RED Training

Taqetna Renewable Energy Development Training (T-RED)

T-RED is a World Class technical training that aims to build and sharpen the technical skills, engineering expertise and management knowledge in the fields Renewable Energy Projects Development. The program designed to educate the attendee on the latest solar & wind technologies. It includes real-time exercises to enable the attendee to practice what he is learning during the course. It also discusses special topics in design and engineering of solar PV systems using computer aided tools (software).

T-RED is considered an extensive program that is designed to empower the attendees with the required skills in science, engineering and management which will lead to successful project preparation and implementation. The course provides the knowhow of renewable energy from definition to installation. Furthermore, it has an extension course called T-RED Lab; a practical hands-on course enables the technicians, engineers, house owners to install real solar PV system to learn about the system components and commissioning of small scale systems.

T-RED 101: Master Off-Grid Systems Design

Understand the big picture for off-grid applications and evaluate their economics for all urban and rural areas.

T-RED 102: Sharpen your design skills in grid-connected PV plants

By using most popular design software and simulation programs you will practice solar PV systems design by implementing the common industry standards

T-RED 103: Renewable Energy Projects Management

Planning, Risk Management and Commissioning. In order to establish a successful project, a well-planned strategy must be acquired

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One of best courses in the Renewable Energy field, comprehensive and resourceful.

Husam Salameh, Participant
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