Solar Fence Energizer System

Fully self-sufficient Energizers designed and produced by taqetna. It utilize solar power to charge an internal Li-ion battery. T-Fence Solar Energizers can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power and for also portable, short term animal control.

How T-Fence Energizers work?

The energizer emits power, which moves around via the wire. When an animal comes into contact with the fence it gets a safe, but powerful shock. As a result, the animal will see the fence as a barrier and will stay away. After the animal makes contact with the fence the power will be transmitted from the animal and return via the earth rods of the earthing system to the energizer. Proper earthing is very important as the power has to be able to flow back to the energizer in order to keep the loop system closed. If the earthing is not adequate, the closed loop system will be unreliable. The following parts are essential in order to ensure that a fence is fitted properly and will function correctly.

Main Features

  • Powered by a LiFePo4 battery, charged during daylight hours
  • Autonomy: 3-5 rainy/dusty or cloudy days
  • Long range, each device covers up to 50KM longitudinal distance of the fence
  • Detachable design of the equipment (Solar Panel, battery, electronics &solar controller), which reduces the maintenance cost
  • Heavy Duty Metal Enclosure, waterproof IP65
  • Easy to install

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