Solar / Wind Renewable Energy Training Systems


The Solar Energy Training System forms a complete professional-energy training solution. This training system demonstrates how solar cells are being used in the consumer and industrial markets to supplement the world’s power needs. It constitutes a modular program that covers the history, fundamentals, installation, operation, maintenance, and servicing of different types of solar energy systems such as Grid tie solar PV systems, off-grid solar PV system and hybrid Grid tie solar PV systems with storage.

The program explores sunlight as a main energy source that can be used to help reduce dependence on non-renewable fuel sources. It helps students gain a complete perspective of the field by studying the economics, efficiency, and low-environmental impact of producing energy from non-polluting, renewable sources.

LabWATT is made from real-world components that are used in industry. These are the same components that students see in their homes, schools, and workplaces. All training systems are engineered for both ease of use and durability, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


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