The Story of Reyah Turbine

It All Starts with A Vision

Between 2011-2013, the Founder of Taqetna; Eng. Mahmoud Shattel completed an extensive Research and Development (R&D) program for the development of a wind energy technology. The R&D was designed to come up with a highly efficient wind turbine at low-speed winds. Succeeding in this project will provide the largest segment [small-medium size] of off-grid users with a competitive and reliable source of electricity by replacing their dependency from the expensive existing source of electricity; diesel generators to Reyah© wind solutions.

The research resulted in inventing a new class of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. A breakthrough in the small wind turbines industry, particularly the aerodynamic of Reyah© aerofoils [patented]. Reyah© has the ability to generate power from high speed winds as well as low speed winds; an important advantage in this part of the world where wind speeds are low in most countries.

That achievement won taqetna to secure its first seed investment in 2014 to develop several prototypes in parallel with being honored and awarded lots of internationally awards and competitions.

The following TEDx presentation was given by the founder of taqetna; Mahmoud Shattel during establishing and developing the first commercial wind turbine in 2013

Stars of Science

On the way to become the first Arabian Small Wind turbines developer and manufacturer