About Us

Taqetna is an innovative renewable energy derived products manufacturer, developer and system integrator offering wide range of tailored turn-key technology solutions.

Since 2013 Taqetna /Taqatuna/ was established as an innovation driven startup. Launched with a newly invented wind turbine and offering wide range of tailored turn-key engineering solutions. 

Started as one of the first movers in middle east specializing in inventing and manufacturing wind energy products, followed by invading the solar PV market of Jordan by taking-off several on-grid solar PV projects for commercial, industrial and demotic sectors. 

Today taqetna is considered as a pioneering global developer among the top tiers in MENA region which achieved throughout conducting the implementation of more than 275 renewable energy projects in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yamen saving more than 1m USD annually removed from the shoulders of our client. 

One of the products of which Taqetna has designed, manufactured and patented is its vertical-axis wind turbine, Reyah. Reyah has proven to be one of the most efficient turbines available on the market when compared to others of same scale and size. We also offer several mid-size horizontal axis wind turbine models.