Featured Products

Taqetna has developed various wind turbine models known series; “Reyah” and some innovative products in the field of .

Reyah – Horizontal wind turbines

Classified as a medium scale onshore wind turbine designed to operate at low-medium scale wind speeds. Powered by the industry’s most innovative aerodynamic low wind blades, Reyah turbines stretch into the air to harvest the endless clean winds.

Start your independence with T-Wall Smart Battery

The T-Wall  is a high-tech storage battery that has proven itself after hundreds of lab experiments. The combination of a PV Solar System or Wind Systems with a set of T-Wall Battery will allow you to cover up to 100% of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy

Solar Fence Energizer System

Fully self-sufficient Energizers designed and produced by taqetna. It utilize solar power to charge an internal Li-ion battery. T-Fence Solar Energizers can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power and for also portable, short term animal control.