Reyah & Solar PV is changing people’s life in Irbid

Solar is invading the northern beautiful city of Jordan; Irbid. Today, after around seven (7) years of the Jordanian net-metering law, residents started being familiar with the rooftop systems particularly solar PV.

We had several wind installation in the beautiful windy city, Irbid. We are thankful to all of our success-partners who’ve chosen the best; taqetna.

Our engineering service and breakthrough solutions were trustworthy according our clients which we were honored to install wind turbines and solar PV systems to them. Following is the first Horizontal wind project we’ve installed in Irbid, to Dr. Bassam Lahlouh villa in 2013.

2KW model was designed to generate 340KWh monthly and eliminate ~JD70 ($100) from the monthly bill of Dr. Lahlouh villa’s.

We also worked on a commercial solar PV project for Al-Qawasmi Speciality Hospital, project size was 66KWp. German made inverter from SMA was installed powered by JA Solar panels

Following is a sample small residential solar PV project, we’re awarded by Dr. Mahmoud Smadi – Associate Prof. in Electrical Eng at Hashemite University.

Project Size4.92KWp (DC), 3.6KW(AC)
PV Panels Type and quantityTrina Solar PV panels 410W mono PERC half-cut cells (12 panels)
Inverter TypeSMA 3.7 Sunny Boy inverter
Mounting structureT-Structure – G model; taqetna’s standard ground mounting structure
Project Description Table

If you still don’t have your solar/wind system, then every day is a loss!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question and to get your quote, it takes only a minute to inquire


    1. كل الشكر والتقدير أستاذنا العزيز رمزي حداد على دعمك و على ثقتكم بنا و ان شاء الله تستمر وتكبر مع الأيام
      و نطمح دائماً أن نكون عند حسن ظنكم بنا


    1. بكلف تقريبا 4950 دينار أردني
      الحجم 5500 واط قصوي ، ينتج في المناطق ذات الرياح الجيدة ما يكافئ نظام كهروشيمس بقدرة 8ك.و
      لذلك تعتبر الرياح خيار فعال و يتفوق على الطاقة الشمسية للأسباب التالية:
      *توزيع الإنتاج بما يتناسب والاستهلاك
      * الكفاءة في المناطق التي يتوفر بها الرياح بشكل دوري
      *و تقليل المساحة للنظام حيث يلزم أقل من 10% من المساحة اللازمة للنظام الشمسي


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