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About Taqetna Structure (T-Structure) Mounting Solutions

During 2015 Taqetna team worked intensively on a confidential R&D project to develop a cutting-edge PV mounting system, that has superior installation features, cost-effective and elegant rail-free solar PV mounting solution.

The output of this project translated into three main products that changed the solar mounting industry;

1. T-Structure Ground Mounted
T_Structure Ground

2. T-Structure Elevated

T_Structure Elevated
3. Customized T-Structure Versions; such as Thin-Film mounting solutions, Solar Car-port, ..
T_Structure ThinFilm


* Datasheet of T-Structure Ground Mounted
* Datasheet of T-Structure Elevated
* Technical Review of Customized Versions
* General References
* UL STD 2703 Certification Table of Content

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Complies with UL STD 2703

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