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For over 7 years we have dealing with planning, designing and installation of solar energy plant all over the region. With our own developed technologies and methodologies, we have successfully mastered the industry and become a favorite choice of hundreds of customer and big electricity consumers.

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You will be more independent when you decide to adapt our Solar Solution on you the top of your house, save money and produce co2 free and sustainable green power, thanks to photovoltaic systems from Taqetna Oh yes! With a solar plant on the roof even companies can reduce their electricity costs whilst additionally doing something good for the environment.

We are fully dedicated to building pumping systems for off grid solar applications. Our engineering team focuses on the right designs to meet the accurate needs of your farm.
We developed a new product called T-Inverter which can transfer the solar PV electricity into a usable electricity to electrify your pumps as if the national electricity grid exists!

Saudi Arabia, and GCC Countries
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