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Reyah Vertical

& features

    Reyah 2H 
  Reyah 2H
Rated Power 2 KW
IEC Wind Class * III
Swept Area 1.2 m²
Rated Wind Speed 12 m/s
Generator Output Voltage 12V/24V
Blades Material Aluminum
Awards 9 Awards
Datasheet Download [pdf]

& features

designed and engineered a new high efficiency vertical turbine, that generates power at low wind speeds, the new technology is called “Reyah”; Reyah is a new class of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, patent registered, that generates electricity from wind power, the main advantage of Reyah over current similar technologies is that it’s efficiency is higher than the latest available products in the markets.

Reyah Power Performance

The diagram illustrates the main breakthrough and the difference between generated power of our turbine (Reyah) and similar commercial turbine in the market.

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When you are ready to install a wind project powered by Reyah wind turbine, you will need to order the turbine first [click here], then you will be guided to an order confirmation page, you will need to pay using PayPal.

Taqetna system will send automatically a confirmation email including a receipt invoice to your email then. User manual and specs sheet will be provided upon your request, just ask for that by replying the email to the technical sales team.

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