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Reyah: Vertical Wind Turbine

Reyah Vertical Wind Turbine

We Have The Know How

During 2012, the founder of Taqetna Eng. Mahmoud Shattel has worked on an extensive Research and Development (R&D) program for the development of wind energy technologies. The research resulted in inventing a new class of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. The invention was awarded nationally and internationally and has been registered as patent application in Jordan and GCC.

In 2013, Taqetna established its first engineering workshop for the sake of commercializing the new technology (REYAH) in order to make renewable energy available and affordable for everyone. From that time till today, we have achieved many milestones and we've become closer to the disruptive innovation device; Reyah.

Reyah works efficiently at low wind speeds, where others don’t

Taqetna has designed and engineered a new high efficiency vertical turbine, that generates power at low wind speeds, the new technology is called “Reyah”; Reyah is a new class of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, patent registered, that generates electricity from wind power, the main advantage of Reyah over current similar technologies is that it’s efficiency is higher than the latest available products in the markets.

The following diagram illustrates the difference between generated power of our turbine (Reyah) and similar commercial turbine in the market.

Reyah Power Performance



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Reyah starts generating electricity at 3.5m/s while the commercial turbine starts at 5m/s. The power difference is considerable at low speeds, which proves that Reyah is more efficient at low and at high wind speeds.


Technology Brief

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Reyah 400W Wind Turbine

Customized version of Reyah in a suspension tunnel

Reyah 400W Wind Turbine

CAD Reyah400 


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