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Taqetna was officially launched by Mahmoud Shattel/Electrical Engineer in 2013 to unleash the potential of Solar and Wind Solutions in Jordan and the world! Between 2010-2013, the passionate engineer conducted an intensive R&D research which resulted mainly in inventing Taqetna's first product; T-REYAH.

T-REYAH has proven to be one of the most efficient wind turbines available on the market when compared to others of same scale and size. Taqetna provides wide range of products and services such as developing Solar Photovoltaic Projects, Thermal Energy, Wind Analysis and Construction & more

Now, Taqetna is one of the fastest growing Renewable Energy Solutions provider in Jordan and Saudi Arabia through it's Gulf-partners such as White-Energy in Saudi Arabia.

After 5 years of excellence. Taqetna become one of best Solar PV developers in Jordan & Saudi Arabia, we are keen to expand out of the region and push our solutions to more promising markets to help people become more energy independent.

We provide more than energy solutions; we ensure your comfort and sustainable future.

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